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Spy games: Is buying a Chinese smartphone risky?

JPMorgan's quant guru explains why stocks could surge. T-Mobile and Sprint are making moves to get their merger done. The telecom providers are planning to sell one of their prepaid brands and build out their 5G network and have reiterated their promise not to raise prices as the network is being built, Bloomberg says. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Here's how the top 5 Democratic candidates plan to keep it alive.

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Shame on anybody who believes the blatant lie about security threat by huawei. It is nothing but a ploy to stifle competition and maintain dominance. Yeah, develop a way to avoid patent and brand rights infringements. Yubaru: again, it's impressive how you turn a problem caused by the US into a Japanese problem. European mobile carriers are doing the same things as Japanese mobile carriers, if you didn't know it.

We are having this mess worldwide thanks to Trump paranoia to lose to China. I can only see this. When China was only used for work exploitation by Western companies, all these "trust problems" didn't exist. Now, just because Chinese became a technology powerhouse that can work for themselves, not as slaves for the others anymore, we shouldn't trust them anymore. Probably I am too stupid to understand. The fact that Huawei fearlessly stands up to the US means they're backed by their government. The US has all the reasons to prevent China from taking the no.

For quite a while, I thought the US should have done something about China's growth. If China has the upper hand, I doubt they would be merciful to the US. In this power struggle, I've chosen my side. Meanwhile, ARM has reportedly stopped selling chips to Huawei, which, if true, would pretty much keep them from making phones at all. Clearly the west is on a collision course with the Chinese Govt NOT its people, although they are severely brain washed sadly. As long as not every piece of software running in your phone is not open sourced, you can be sure it will be used for spying you.

Brainwashing is not an act mastered by only the chinese or NK as we are made to believe. It is practised by every govt on this planet. I can't believe that in this age of technology that it is not possible to know whether huawei is used to pass data to the chinese govt. What's with the Japanese, Canadians. Europeans the UK , Trump says jump and they all jump, this is all about jealousy and the rise of China as a technological powerhouse.

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Seems everyone believes all the spin that comes out of Trump and America's mouth. America believes it should always be No 1, at all cost, remember Libya and Gaddafi's plan to ditch the metro dollar for gold and look what the US did there, and the EU floating the idea as the Euro to run along side the petro dollar, that idea 's fizzled out, why?

Venezuela the same, and America's sanctions which are mostly illegal and hurting millions, just so America can stay No1. China was abused for years by the west exploiting China and its workforce for its cheap labour, and everyone seems to forget how Japan was in in the same position once. Well America all your tariffs and sanctions, wars and regime changes are not going to keep you at No1 any longer, Asia is the place to be now , its exciting, its has a younger more intelligent workforce, with a hunger for knowledge ,technology is growing at such an alarming pace, so Trump, singling out Huawei is childish and is a battle you won't win.

Those of u supporting this nonsense created by Trump, don't complain tomorrow when prices of most things increase. As America the manufacturing base to take over at short notice if the chinese decide to stop export of finished and semi finished components and materials. Be wise and think twice what u wish or support as u may end up being the victim in the power play.


Hurgin says he started Ability with its equally enigmatic Russian co-founder Alexander Aurovsky after a long stint in the Israeli Defense Forces, but he won't tell me what division. While U. If you have installed yourself or just that your teen isn Although the world to me. InfoSec institute respects your privacy and will never use your personal information for anything other than to notify you of your requested course pricing. Israeli surveillance companies, most built by alumni of the country's various intelligence agencies, make up a huge chunk of the so-called "lawful interception" market.

I agree this issue was brought upon by US Corporate greed. Doing what? Being prudent about who they allow access to? If that's true, good to know that the Japanese are following suit! While I think Trump is a demented fool, I also do not give him credit for the problems with this company, it is knownto be backed by the Chinese government and we ALL know China can be trusted to play fair!

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My thoughts are that it would be possible to know whether Huawei products are used to pass data but it would take a significant amount of time to determine this. There are also ways to make detection difficult; especially of the technology used to move the data to China is hosted in the country where the Huawei product is used. Is there a difference between American spying and Chinese spying? What if the U. I agree with calling China out and I have made my feelings known about their surveillance but there are dangerous consequences that need to be addressed carefully.

China has done a very good job of ensuring they can have and control access to alot of these resources including outside of China. Well, I am not so sure that Americans are any less brainwashed. And I am very familiar with both countries. This and other comments seem to press for the sort of actions that will lead a globally destructive war with billions of deaths. For what? To rule over a wasteland? How much this resembles Game of Thrones. And any war on a country is a war on its people. The 2 cannot be separated. So far as privacy on smart phones, there is none.

Assume everything you do on a smart phone can be seen if a government desires it.

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Because that's pretty much the case. Whether Apple refuses access or pretends to refuse access matters little. The governments of China and the US both have almost limitless resources in this area. When a country starts to think this way, it has already lost. Rising powers upset old, stale and corrupt powers.

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It has been done since the dawn of civilization. It's like trying to stop gravity.

If the old power decides to fight it, it will probably lose, but will certainly cause massive death and destruction. I don't like the Chinese government either, but so far they haven't shown the inclination to rule over the world as the USA has. Nor have they tried to enforce their own political ideas on opposite ends the world. The US is far more powerful than any one country should ever be. That sort of power leads to increasing corruption and oppression. Pretty sure the US will overstep in some big ways, and the destruction will be widespread. The collision course is not a fact of nature, but due to the power plays of those in charge and the masses of brainwashed people on either side who can't see the obvious outcome.

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While it doesn't require a huge stretch of any imagination to believe Huawei is involved in spying technology and practices - probably more so than we can fathom, I'd suggest it is par for the course for many hi-tech corporations world wide, esp those in the cyber fields. We have no idea for example what US technologies are currently in place spying on countries, companies, citizens etc.

And of course who's doing most of this in the US - US companies. Boeing is huge. And the other big spin on Bogey-Man Huawei is, it is simply challenging the order of financial dynamics in a way that many are running scared of. Currently the top 10 smartphone companies are the list is not static change and is open to change -. Anything stand out here? More difficult to attack a totally private independent company. If it is terrible, the Chinese Communist Party who does not allow the existence of foreign private enterprises.

It is not irrelevant at the time the technology and information of the private companies in other countries that. Moreover, it is the Chinese side that broke the promise with Trump President this time to stop technology plagiarism and copying. Like you say, these are issues around China's land borders. Yes, China has been aggressive there and done unforgivable things. But land borders often have these problems. The US projects its will well beyond any land borders.

That's why I wrote "opposite ends of the world. Leather cases are special because of their natural material that actually ages with time, bringing out their patina that you find only with genuine leather goods.

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Along with its soft and smooth feel, the case also features a card holder in the back of the design, that fits up to 3 cards total, from credit cards, gift cards, or your ID. The inside of the case has a satin-like interior with a fine Japanese microfiber to keep your phone snug and secure through years of use. We love the full protection the case offers your pricy iPhone, with the leather wrapping around the edges of the phone so knicks or cracks are less likely to happen.

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